Accord LMS: Ease and Agility for Educators

Chris Wylie, CEO, Accord LMSChris Wylie, CEO
In an era of digital pedagogy, educators are in a constant endeavor to reshape the entire model of education. Modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) form an integral part of this transformation challenging the orthodoxies in education anatomy led by onerous manual processes. The hitherto expensive, redundant, and sluggish manual registration practices for instructor-led self-paced or online classes also stand in the need for more flexibility and automation. Addressing this need, Chris Wylie, a user interface design enthusiast, and Jeff Redford, sales expertise founded Accord LMS to develop a simple, smart and affordable LMS that automates core features like registration and measurement of course outcomes. “We watched the rise of social networking and decided to create an LMS build upon an open source portal framework that has a wide variety of off the shelf add-on applications and a thriving developer community to move technology forward,” states Wylie, CEO, Accord LMS.

Many advanced LMS offering a slew of functionalities miss out on evaluating the aspect of simplified access to courses and seamless student enrolment management. Accord LMS has been specifically designed to meet these challenges by bringing course and student data at administrators’ fingers. The easy-to-use, SCORM-compliant Accord ushers the features of a top-echelon LMS benefitting both educators and educational service providers with a blend of an elevated educational experience in administration as well as teaching.

Accord offers a seamless conduit to students to search, buy or audit for classes and courses. The firm’s LMS simplifies accessing courses, streamlines registering for classes, and also generate reports to measure the affect the courses have on students. Its automate enrolment tracking feature allows managing enrollment and completions effortlessly for both online learning and classroom instructions. Administrators of education programs can also leverage Accord LMS to expand their student population.

Accord LMS delivers unmatched value and ease of use to businesses of any size

The platform enables instructors to reach out to students beyond the periphery of university or school with the help of virtual lecterns like online course catalogues and virtual classrooms.

The strength of Accord LMS emanates from providing the flexibility to deliver the blended curricula students need. The firm’s bespoke solution for educators is designed to meet diverse needs of various students groups. With a few clicks, Accord LMS assists instructors and administration to track the course outcome for each student thus offering valuable insights for enhancing their education programs.

Committed to constantly tackling the challenges that instructors stumble upon inside and outside the school day, Accord LMS recognizes the value of a robust and efficient learning management system in place. “Accord LMS delivers unmatched value and ease of use to businesses of any size,” extols Wylie. In a recent case, Accord LMS was approached by Brighton, UK based INTO University Partnerships Limited, an independent organization focused on forming joint ventures with top-ranked universities for delivering students academic and cultural experiences. The client was struggling to acquire students’ personal data and handle and share it in accordance with strict data privacy regulations due to lack of sufficient level of awareness about data compliance. With Accord LMS, INTO now provides data compliance training program to new as well as for existing employees. Accord LMS implementation assisted the client to avert breach of U.S. or European data privacy laws and eventually any penalties. “Accord LMS gives us the latitude to make training delivery and reporting fit our business needs, not the other way around,” states Mike Santiago, Data Governance Manager, INTO University Partnerships Limited.

In days to come, Accord LMS visions to cultivate knowledge communities and usher new learning opportunities by pushing the boundaries with cost effective enterprise class learning management system.