Epignosis: Lean Learning: Enhanced eLearning Experience

Athanasios Papangelis, Co-CEO & CTO, EpignosisAthanasios Papangelis, Co-CEO & CTO
A common trope of a typical heroic tale is the apparent downfall and reemergence of the hero. About the time everyone writes him off, the protagonist comes back to fulfill his mission. Similarly, when the learning and development (L&D) departments were busy re-evaluating the effectiveness of e-learning in employee training, e-learning was preparing for enhancement and re-introduction as a lean learning experience. The major accomplishment of lean Learning is bringing learning professionals and business leaders together. While business leaders wanted L&D to be more efficient and effective, learning professionals stood against restriction of resources when attempting to impact actual learning—lean learning bridges the gap between both. However, with so many lean learning management vendors, the challenge is to find a solution that would best fit a company’s mission and vision.

Epignosis, the creative and technical mind behind LMS platform TalentLMS, had a humble beginning as research LMS prototype funded by the Greek government in 2001. Later, the plummeting popularity of eLearning was the writing on the wall for Athanasios Papangelis, Co-CEO and CTO of Epignosis. “For a modern organization to adopt eLearning, we, first and foremost, need to make it a super lean experience,” Papangelis reiterates the importance of lean learning.

To offer a comprehensive lean learning experience, Epignosis introduced TalentCards, a micro-learning platform that allows businesses to train a large number of employees on easily-digestible material. TalentCards allows trainers to create learning cards and deliver training over mobile or web-based applications. Learning cards act as self-contained units of learning. This lean learning approach reduces the cognitive overload to reinforce acquired knowledge.

The platform is perfect for compliance training, new product learning, security methods, and other diverse learning scenarios that include bite-sized information. In contrast to similar lean learning services, TalentCards uses its ability to adapt to any business environment as a trump card over its competitors.

For a modern organization to adopt eLearning, we, first and foremost, need to make it a super lean experience

In addition to TalentCards, Epignosis offers two more LMS solutions designed to serve specific needs of businesses. Epignosis offers the solution eFront for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customization in addition to regular LMS services. eFront comes with all the essential features of an LMS, but the key highlight of this tool is it facilitates a fully adaptable learning experience. The users can customize and control the look and feel of the platform for their business models and needs. Currently, eFront is available as an open source version and eFrontPro.

Alternatively, for businesses or institutions looking for an easy-to-use, feature-rich LMS, Epignosis has developed TalentLMS, a zero-overhead cloud LMS. It helps businesses of any size to deliver compelling and engaging online training to their employees, partners, and customers. TalentLMS provides the users with features like automated learning, third-party tool integration, and more.

Speaking of the key differentiating factor of Epignosis, Papangelis says, “We believe that great companies are built on empathy, integrity, diversity, and simplicity.” The company relies on simplicity, usability, and fit-to-purpose solutions, paired with robustness to stand out among various LMS service providers. Instead of adding new features often, Epignosis’ product development team follows the principle ‘produce tools that people can actively use.’ Also, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud COC) membership of Epignosis makes it more reliable than similar cloud-based LMS solutions. Currently, with over 5,500 clients, 3,000,000 learners, 650,000 courses, and 75,000 portals, Epignosis is ready to continue enforcing lean learning and aesthetic integrity on content presentation for coming years.