Integrated Technology Group: The New Wave of Education Technology

Adam Berns, Managing Director, Integrated Technology GroupAdam Berns, Managing Director
ITG America is an educational technology company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. The company is a subsidiary of Integrated Technology Group, a leading technology company that was co-founded in 1989 with the passion to design and develop cutting-edge technology solutions to serve educational institutions around the world. ITG’s mission was to transform the national education in three main pillars: Teaching and Learning, Administration and Management Planning, Policy Making and Decision Support. Carrying out this mission, ITG had proudly designed and developed EduWave® in 1999; a comprehensive e-learning and education management platform. Over the past twenty years, and with more than 250 employees, ITG has built a tremendous track record with successful implementations and a clientele base that spans over several countries and regions including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States. ITG’s strength lies in its solid understanding of the industry, in addition to its commitment to develop and maintain long and trustful partnerships with its clients.

The award-winning education platform, EduWave® K-12, is one of the very few products that is built to accommodate and transform schools and districts to combine their complex needs into a fully-integrated, powerful, consolidated, and simple solution that is also a cloud-based and end-to-end platform. EduWave® has more than 15 Million users, 50 thousand education institutes, and three country-wide deployments. With a vision to empower people through technology, EduWave® K-12 provides all the tools necessary for students, teachers, school leaders, and parents to make education more effective, engaging, and personalized to achieve students’ success.

Driven by its strong R&D, ITG has released new features and enhancements for EduWave® and launched two new user experiences with appealing interfaces specifically designed to suit different grade levels.

Innovative learning standards approach allows any school to link their learning standards with their learning materials in the easiest, most creative way possible

The new designs are more modern, flexible, and intuitive that position EduWave® to be the most complete, powerful and robust educational platform available in the market, seamlessly uniting SIS and LMS along with CMS, IMS, CC, and more. Besides, EduWave® provides a platform with unmatched scalability, accessibility, and flexibility that can be customized to any school and any budget. Schools can use the combined solution or opt out to use specific functionality that can integrate with other systems and third-party applications.

With the aim to empower learners and maximize their potential in all skills necessary for future, career, and college readiness, EduWave® K-12 LMS is designed and developed with powerful tools that support adaptive and personalized learning to meet each student’s specific needs, thus providing a space for learners to harness the effective skills of self-directed learning and to take responsibility for their own growth. The platform simply goes above and beyond traditional learning management systems with innovative learning standards approach that allows educators the ability to link lessons, assessments, assignments, multimedia files, and more, to specific learning standards that align with the Common Core as well as other specific State or school standards. Through EduWave®, educators are armed with—including but not limited to—course management, assessment management, communication, and collaboration, content and authoring tools, such as BookZero™ and EduPedia, to easily create an engaging online learning environment. Interactions and collaboration between educators and learners and users at all levels have never been easier using synchronous and asynchronous communication and collaboration tools, such as EduSession, that facilitate sharing, teamwork, and above all help foster creativity and boost motivation.