Knowledge Anywhere: Pioneering Better Learning

Brant Gibbons, Director of Development, Knowledge AnywhereBrant Gibbons, Director of Development
Learning leads advancement, and when it comes to developments in learning methodologies, the buck doesn’t stop at just the technology aspect, as methodologies span broader than that. Driving learning solutions with a progressive perspective to meet the needs and challenges of the industry is what sets Knowledge Anywhere in a league of its own. Charlie Gillette, the CEO of Knowledge Anywhere, started the company in 1998 with the vision of creating a new kind of Learning Management System, stating that “there had to be a better way of training people within the corporate environment, whether it is sales, operations, or customer relations, and this is truly the premises of our company.”

Knowledge Anywhere’s idea is to have the most intuitive platform, where a learner can easily find their assigned topics and courses, as well as the ones that they have already taken. The solution provider’s focus is to make sure that the learner experience and the performance of the platform are exceptionally great, ensuring that customers are successful. The company helps its customers with the development, curation, and linking of content, all to make sure that the material within the platform provides the highest value possible. Knowledge Anywhere has an on-boarding plan which begins with a training session for the administrators, demonstrating how to upload courses and run reports. The company subsequently provides resources—videos, help articles, and tutorials—and a client chat feature, to help when clients have questions on how to upload or deploy their content. Post on-boarding, the company partners with customers to communicate and reinforce success, and measure ongoing quality.

At the end of the day, we ensure that our customers have a robust and engaging platform, where they have all-inclusive content available.

“At the end of the day, we ensure that our customers have a robust and engaging platform, where they have all-inclusive content available,” Gillette adds. Equally important to Knowledge Anywhere is the ability for clients to monitor and help learners in the platform through state-of-the-art support tools, tracking and analytics.

A great example of the specialized, in-depth services that Knowledge Anywhere provides is their work with The American Institute for Automotive Repair (AMI). AMI required a platform that could reach out to thousands of auto repair shops. More than just a platform, they needed a partner to help them get up to speed in offering courses, tracking curriculum, and reviewing hundreds of thousands of historical records. Knowledge Anywhere, worked closely with AMI, deploying a platform that fit their unique industry needs within a couple of months. In no time, AMI started offering courses and generating revenue. Knowledge Anywhere’s partnership was able to take the organization to the next level, driving growth through a paradigm of blended learning for the automotive industry. Jeff Peevy, the president of the Automotive Management Institute, said that Knowledge Anywhere’s product is second-best only to the superior support the Knowledge Anywhere team provides.

Knowledge Anywhere believes that connectivity is the way of the future. Because of this; the company is focusing on creating a platform with even more connectivity, offering links to services such as, virtual reality experience, virtual coaching, HRIS systems, Salesforce, and social networking systems, from within their product. The Knowledge Anywhere team will continue working on enhancing their solution to include integration, virtual reality, and coaching capabilities, along with comprehensive content to pioneer a new era of digital learning.