Meridian Knowledge Solutions: Imbibing a Culture of Learning and Collaboration

Jonna Ward, CEO, MeridianJonna Ward, CEO
Who saw it coming—a revolution sparked by the internet redefined the way Learning Management System (LMS) operated, the beginning of a seismic shift. With this rising predominance of web services in the present dynamic tech era, personalized learning is gaining importance. Gone are the days of having to attend the traditional, boring training courses in the corporate field, with the hassles of expressing novel ideas with communication glitches. However, security also forms an inevitable aspect of contention, and LMS is in no way an exemption. The role of LMS solutions is not only being imperative to guarantee the security of the employee data, but is also to defend organizations’ learning materials and resources. Paying heed to these requirements, Meridian Knowledge Solutions offers a secure cloud-based LMS platform for employees, delivering targeted training courses, aimed at fostering collaboration, on-boarding talent, accelerating performance, achieving compliance, and advancing individual career growth.

“Meridian is on the cusp of an incredible breakout and our proudest achievement will always be client satisfaction and the best measure of success is the knowledge that our customers always want us back,” asserts Jonna Ward, Founder and CEO at Meridian Knowledge Solutions. The company’s vision is synonymous with the learning technology and is flawlessly aligned with the needs of the modern learners. The Reston, VA based firm is at the frontline of building a learning experience ahead of the customary job training tools into true value business drivers, fuelling the trainers for an optimal enterprise wide success.

The cloud architecture from Meridian ideally integrates an organization’s LMS with other applications that includes their human resources information system (HRIS) and customer relationship management (CRM) technology.

Meridian is on the cusp of an incredible breakout and our proudest achievement will always be client satisfaction

The LMS platform’s intuitive user interface provides user experience that helps to connect the learners on any device, on phone or tablet for both Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, Meridian Mobile app is a learner focused and enables users to access their personal learning, download mobile-friendly content directly into the working device and hunt for new training, at the location where needed.

The success stories of the the company’s clients stand as a testament to its strong hold in the market place. Meridian has assisted Johnson Controls, a company that supplies heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, building controls, refrigeration and security systems for buildings. The client was in need of a robust enterprise LMS to support their existing and future business goals, including multilingual and ecommerce support. Their existing LMS offered limited capabilities to manage, market and sell training courses to customers. They wanted the ability to easily create user groups and market courses to specific audiences based on user profiles and course history. With the use of Meridian Global LMS with ecommerce, the client was able to easily and efficaciously manage and proffer training courses for their customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, resulting in significant revenue. Johnson Controls dynamically scheduled and managed the registration, participation and accreditations for 32 instructor-led classroom courses across the nation.

The state of LMS in coming years looks prolific and rests on the shoulders of organizations such as Meridian Knowledge Solutions. With its smart, resilient platform, Meridian is poised to make its products accessible to an even larger audience— to meet the needs of its diverse customer base that demands flexibility and choice to drive strategic decision-making.