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Darlena Kelly, CEO & Creative Designer, SimiDigiDarlena Kelly, CEO & Creative Designer
By definition, LMS solutions serve the purpose of corporate training; but in practical terms, traditional systems lack the much-needed modernization in reaching out to a broader learner demographics and ensuring a consistent learning process is in place without pulling the employees off the floor. “What more could be done to help businesses improve their employees’ learning curve?” Who better to come up with innovative ideas based on proven methodologies than a college professor who is also an engineer. When the question got Darlena Kelly, a professor at the Dallas County Community College District thinking, she knew the answer lay in the gamification of education. The “brainchild” of Darlena, SimiDigi stands out as a full-service workforce training and development company that specializes in building cloud-based interactive workforce training solutions and top-notch onsite training solutions. SimiDigi helps organizations to become data-driven through its platform and aims to put an end to the monotonous training sessions. “Our mission is to provide an immersive experience into the training process, unlike standard e-learning content. We have developed a gamified training environment which makes the training more engaging and promotes retention. It allows the trainer as well as the learner to demonstrate what they have learned in the virtual platform,” asserts Darlena, SimiDigi’s CEO and Creative Designer.

SimiDigi’s training solutions use 3D technology that improves the way companies with complex operations communicate; they also go a long way in reducing training costs, while delivering effective training, maintaining compliance, scheduling training, and supporting documentation. An acronym for Simulated Interactive Digital Workforce Training, SimiDigi is a game changer in providing innovative learning solutions for organizations in industries including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and higher education.

SimiDigi helps companies to provide on-the-job training in areas such as safety and compliance by allowing them to train virtually. The virtual training approach not only decreases the risk and violation rates but also increases the retention and compliance rates.

We have developed a gamified training environment which makes the training more engaging and promotes retention

SimiDigi partners with various organizations and subject matter experts to provide its clients with its training offerings built toward helping employees apply their learning through in-class practice and real-world application of the tools. Simplified and interactive educational material that targets the real-world challenges of today’s workforce is designed. With its interactive and media-rich training solutions and innovative training methods, SimiDigi has assisted various clients significantly in reducing training cost, maintaining compliance, and increasing employee engagement.

Jay Nwamadi, the Regional Vice President of Cigna [NYSE:CI], explains his experience with SimiDigi as: “Working with Darlena and SimiDigi has been exceptional and a relationship that we use as a template for how we engage potential vendors to provide services for our regional customer base. The ability to work with a global health services company requires our vendors to be nimble, forward-thinking, flexible, and willing to bring unique solutions to the table. SimiDigi has been able to provide customized and technological solutions that we expect to increase customer engagement and educate segments of our customer base on how to better deploy their health plans. We thank SimiDigi for their hard work and gladly recommend their services.”

For the future, SimiDigi focuses on staying innovative, and technology-driven and plans to incorporate newer technologies such as AR and training automation capabilities to its portfolio. The company also aims at expanding its market by exploring more of Philadelphia and the east coast. “We are coming out with an automated training solution that allows companies to put together their own training with their own experience. Our aim is to build a strong bridge between the learner and the subject matter,” states Darlena.