Wisetail: Beyond the Simple Delivery of Content

Justin Bigart, CEO, WisetailJustin Bigart, CEO
Today, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are helping organizations to automate the management and tracking of eLearning training as well as make the overall planning and coordination of eLearning events much easier. In simple words, a LMS significantly improves the learning rates of employees, managers, and executives allowing organizations to be more productive and profitable. Montana based Wisetail is offering pioneering LMS knowledge with tools, flexibility, and control that firms need to truly empower their employees and drive engagement. The Wisetail team views each client as a co-creator of the LMS, giving them an advantage over competitors. “As an indie tech firm, we have the freedom to work only with companies who truly believe in employee engagement,” says Justin Bigart, CEO of Wisetail. “We proudly power great places to work across the country happily from our headquarters in Montana. We hope this distinction sends a message far and wide that Montana is a great place for world-class tech innovation.” Wisetail combines award-winning learning management with unequaled customer support for organizations to create an online community. Administrators are able to develop and share content while investing in each learner’s personal and professional development.

The company’s learning management functionality makes the consumption of content intuitive for learners and course creation easy for administrators. The Wisetail LMS goes beyond the simple delivery of content to create rich learning experiences by blending traditional LMS functionality with social recognition and community features that are designed to drive engagement.

We combine award-winning learning management with unequaled customer support for organizations to create an online community

Within the Wisetail LMS learners can share lessons, videos, and ideas with their peers, giving them the voice and the opportunity to do more than simply learn. Additionally, each system is custom branded to convey the unique visual language of each client and responsively designed User Interface that looks and functions like today’s consumer-facing social media platforms. The system has in-built course-authoring tools that assist administrators to design their own courses, by blending course delivery with social features and users are able to “Like” and rate content accordingly.

In an instance, Christine Gnadt, Service Ambassador at the ThinkFoodGroup felt their LMS didn’t reflect the well-crafted brands built by the famous chef, José Andrés. Gnadt, as the site’s administrator, had to take assistance from various manuals and guides making the system feel disjointed, “We wanted something that we felt would really engage our staff.” Gnadt found that through Wisetail, her team could build a nuanced, united community with the ability to brand the software broadly as the ThinkFoodGroup while creating various branded sections for each of the group’s 15 concepts. The system allowed employees to share stories and videos they felt would benefit their teammates. Today, Gnadt is still building her vision for the LMS, but she expects the branded platform’s intuitive design can engage employees immediately, cultivating that sense of service and hospitality.

Being an independent software company, Wisetail has the liberty to make decisions–both about the direction the company and development of their product–that are 100 percent aligned with their goal of powering great places to work. They have been called a next generation LMS and a social eLearning system–but in reality Bigart knows they are something new, different and better. “For the right organization, where traditional tools just don’t work, the nuances of our solution and our approach make a dramatic impact,” concludes Bigart.

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Justin Bigart, CEO

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