Area9: Developing Talent in an AI-Enabled World

Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO, Area9Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO
Despite much effort across corporate learning, the last three decades have seen little improvement in making talent development more efficient and effective. The growth of video-based education and e-learning has done nothing to help students learn better or faster. “The only real improvement is that people now have access to more content,” states Nick J. Howe, chief learning officer of Area9 Lyceum. “That isn’t bad, but it is the wrong area to focus on. We should be helping people learn, and that’s where the application of learning science to talent development comes in – especially in an AI-enabled world.”

By merging learning science and computer intelligence, Area9 has developed cutting-edge technology that embeds research-based concepts into software that can improve learning. Building on more than twenty years of expertise in learning technology, Area9 has created a cost-effective, scalable, and personalized learning experience platform, Area9 Rhapsode. Area9’s fourth-generation learning platform, Rhapsode can generate better outcomes for learners by helping them achieve a higher level of proficiency, learn faster, and become self-aware of their learning capabilities. Area9 Rhapsode aims to introduce many new capabilities over the next 12 months to make the platform even easier to use and more cost-effective by leveraging learning science, AI, and robotics.

To date, Area9’s technology has been used by more than 15 million students in different sectors such as higher education, retail, aviation, and medicine—helping them obtain knowledge and apply it.

Based on a personalized adaptive methodology, Area9 Rhapsode addresses four dimensions of learning: knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning. “It doesn’t matter whether the learner is a retail assistant, a pilot or a doctor, he/she needs to succeed in this increasingly AI-enabled world.

The techniques built into Rhapsode are designed to create better learning outcomes within each of the four dimensions of human learning and performance,” says Howe.

We have built the next-generation platform to create better learning outcomes by building skills, character, and meta-learning

Designed to operate as either a standalone platform (incorporating adaptive LMS, authoring, and delivery functionality) or to integrate seamlessly into an existing learning ecosystem, Area9 Rhapsode can assist learners in academic or corporate settings. Using the latest learning science and software algorithms, the platform helps learners achieve proficiency and mastery in a scalable and cost-effective manner. Area9 Rhapsode’s AI-enabled functionality dramatically reduces the cost of content curation, driving down costs and resource needs for content developers, while also improving quality.

Area9’s Rhapsode benefits both learner and institutions: Each learner pursues subject mastery with a highly personalized approach, while institutions and companies build and manage content quickly—and can track outcomes. “We look at all the elements in the learning ecosystem of our clients to determine the areas where adaptive and personalized learning can provide value and proceed accordingly,” mentions Howe.

One aim of Area9 is to create technology that can co-exist with the traditional teaching methods and be an enabler for the human teachers. In one of its projects, the company helped a major airline in rolling out impactful leadership development classes. Despite a previous seven-figure investment in third-party classroom training for the program, learners had struggled to retain what they had been taught. Area9 found a solution: pioneering the concept of adaptively “refreshing” learning to re-enforce the key concepts of the class, creating a blended classroom and online program.

“Higher education, publishers, and corporate clients will all benefit from a powerful personalized experience for the learners, driven by cutting edge technology based on learning science,” concludes Howe.

Area9 News

Incorporating Adaptive Learning Platform for Cannabis Awareness

The partnership of companies has jointly targeted the issues raised by misinformation of cannabis handling and usage, following the legalization in Canada.

FREMONT, CA: Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Area9 Lyceum and International Cannabis Solutions (ICS) have jointly proposed to present an adaptive learning-based corporate education on cannabis and the workplace in the country. The program aims to assist employers and employees in coping with the use of cannabis and handling its effects in the workplace.
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Area9 Lyceum Launches Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ - A New, AI-Driven Solution for Adobe Flash Migration

Chestnut Hill - As Adobe ends support for its Flash software platform by the end of 2020, Area9 Lyceum has a new, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics enabled solution, Rhapsode|BRIDGE™, available for education companies and corporate learning and development departments. Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ will enable companies to migrate their Flash content and materials up to five times faster and more cost effective than alternative solutions.

Adobe's decision to stop support for Flash will require companies to migrate their software and content to new open formats, such as HTML5 and SCORM. The problem is significant for many companies who are still searching for an efficient strategy to migrate their large libraries of education content based on Flash.

"Companies worldwide will soon find their existing platforms will no longer be supported and they will need to move all their valuable content to a compatible system," said Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen, CEO of Area9 Lyceum. "In addition to our expertise in education, we have built the most advanced automation content development workflow systems to streamline content creation and curation. There are several great solutions to transition Flash-based web content. For educational content, there is a significant gap because educational content is in many ways much harder to transition. Rhapsode|BRIDGE™ can close that gap. It is still not a 'one-click' operation, but it is significantly easier."

Using AI and robotics, Rhapsode|BRIDGE can facilitate the transition from Flash to a responsive platform up to five times faster than the alternatives. The process starts with an advanced ingestion layer that takes apart the Flash file and generates a library of resources. These are rebuilt again using Area9's Rhapsode|CURATOR™ to a responsive component with the same or better functionality as the original.

When the content is rebuilt, it is critical to validate it. Area9 Lyceum has used its industry-leading experience to build new workflow automation and technology platforms to massively streamline such reviews and validation processes.

"Our team has more than 20 years of experience working with highly regulated areas such as health care and we can help those companies manage and streamline compliance and regulatory approval," Dr. Christensen said.

The final step is to publish the content with a brand-new technology that can cross-compile the learning packages into modern formats, such as HTML5, ePub, SCORM, LTI, QTI – or to Area9's adaptive format. This allows companies to use the most advanced education specific technologies to do the migration of their content without getting locked in or having to make the full investment towards adaptive learning.