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Robert Fulk, COO, Centric Learning SystemsRobert Fulk, COO
The old school model of passively learning facts is no longer sufficient to prepare students to survive in today’s world. Students need a dynamic classroom approach where they can actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. Project-based learning has gained a greater foothold in the classroom as it engages the pupils’ heart and mind, providing real-world relevance for learning. After completing a project, students understand and retain the content longer than is often the case with traditional methods. “Project-based learning is an instructional model that involves students in investigations of compelling problems that culminate in authentic results,” says Robert Fulk, COO at Centric Learning Systems. Ann Arbor, MI based Centric Learning is reforming curriculum into individual projects that encourage an inquiry or research driven approach to solving problems, understanding issues, or exploring new topics. These projects make students analyze their situation with the help of various school subjects like mathematics, language skills or social studies, to make the subject matter easier and understandable.

According to Fulk, the education system is evolving as new technologies are discovered and put to use every day, but no one is looking at new ways to learn. “There are numerous tools and solutions that are online or cloud-based, but the motive of learning something unique is non-existent,” he adds. “The firms providing digitalized learning solutions do not understand the challenges being faced by teachers, principals, educators, or the students.” Centric Learning’s solution, HERO, was built by a group of teachers and students who were unhappy with the one-size-fits-all approach to education. These teachers now, instead of passively following a curriculum that trailed a standard text over a set time period, created appropriate projects, and recruited a team of highly qualified educators who knew their subject areas.

We are not an independent software company designing what is best for education, we are educators ourselves helping change the face of education

The teachers discovered how to incorporate the learning standards in their respective disciplines to projects that were engaging and appropriate for young people.

The Centric HERO Learning solution is a cloud-based tool to bring assessment of Project Based Learning for schools. “HERO in itself is a complete learning system with curriculum and school and learning content management. It provides a thorough student experience as they go through the learning process, tracking student erudition as well as allowing them to access the learning online, face to face,” adds Fulk. One of the unique features of the platform is its own accredited curriculum from grades 6 to 12. As a proven platform, HERO allows teachers to add content and manipulate a project’s fit according to the needs and syllabus of the students.

The company has collaborated with renowned educational institutes Pan- America, resulting in fruitful learning experiences. Fulk states, “All the clients we have worked with want to communicate and learn very flexibly with the students. The various renowned education institutes engage our system to help them in working more flexibly within their particular school curriculum.” The platform allows students to have the provision of learning not only during school hours, but any-time, anywhere. “We are not an independent software company designing what is best for education; we are helping change the face of education and learning,” asserts Fulk.

The company is looking at opportunities to expand across the world with their revolutionary product. “The way that HERO is being used by the students, teachers and parents high-lights the education system’s need for intelligent reform. We are also foraying into the different ways the education system can be improved for the years to come,” concludes Fulk.

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Centric Learning Systems

Belleville, MI

Robert Fulk, COO and Beth Baker, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Founded in 2011, Centric HERO Learning System is a premier standards-based & project-based digital learning environment (DLE) solution. The company is an individualized learning program for students who are searching for an amazing educational experience, which is governed by customized, project-based, online learning experiences with direct interaction. This company’s dedication empowers students to excel according to their own pace. The company also develops customized learning plans on subjects and topics that are truly appealing to them. The product portfolio of the company includes Hero Learning Technology, Full School, Classroom, and District. The enterprise is headquartered at Belleville, MI