ENERGY worldnet, Inc.: Next-Generation LMS for the O&G Industry

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Coleman Sterling, CEO, ENERGY worldnet, Inc.Coleman Sterling, CEO
As the oil and gas (O&G) regulatory compliance industry evolves, companies may struggle to stay up-to-date and in-the-know. While some O&G firms have tools to support their operations, others may face setbacks from regulations that require a new state of safety and compliance readiness. The unpredictable nature of the regulatory landscape can present its own set of challenges for companies aiming to remain compliant. In the face of these complexities, Coleman Sterling, a veteran business strategist and CEO of ENERGY worldnet, Inc. (EWN), recommends that O&G companies build a defensible compliance management and workforce development program that allows companies to effectively train and evaluate their employees. “The process must be traceable, easily managed, and state- and federal-regulator ready,” adds Sterling. “This is the foundation on which EWN was established 25 years ago.” Coleman continued, “In response to these needs, EWN brings cutting-edge technologies, educational content, and compliance solutions all under one roof” .

At the core of implementing this defensible program is EWN’s unique learning and content management system (LCMS). EWN’s industry-leading LCMS has manifold functions: It is a records management software package, computer-based educational content development and delivery platform, and a reporting and task list management system. Adding to its distinctiveness is its ability to deliver standardized and custom-created content. “While we have extensive educational content for the O&G market, our self-authoring capabilities make our LCMS solution second-to-none,” informs Sterling. Complementing the LCMS is EWN’s Operator Qualification (OQ) solution, offering integrated training and evaluations to keep employees and contractors compliant.

At the core of EWN’s defensible program is its unique learning and content management software

To understand how these solutions combine to offer an all-inclusive compliance management service, Sterling elaborates: “EWN begins by onboarding the client’s employee data into the LCMS where standard or customized task list assignments can be made. Employees then complete targeted training and evaluations that validate their qualification status. Simultaneously, EWN’s comprehensive reporting capabilities aid in tracking data to demonstrate qualification and compliance status. EWN’s multi-level reporting dashboards provide users versatile mobile functionality, including the EWN e-CARD—an all-in-one card that gives real-time, secure, and reliable access to qualifications data on a mobile device for easy auditing. Going a step further, EWN’s mobile platform application helps evaluate employees and contractors so they can receive reports on the go.”

Sterling goes on to cite a recent real-life customer success story: “A multi-billion-dollar operator approached EWN with the challenges of conducting secured employee evaluations on-site. Their desire was to customize their educational content and bring more mobile functionalities to their compliance management approach. Utilizing EWN’s expert solutions, we were able to meet these requirements and construct a robust, defensible program within three months. Further, EWN was able to provide C-level executives with greater transparency across all training and evaluation activities through a single dashboard. Today, the company uses EWN’s external evaluators to assess employees and is raving about their ability to build a model program while monitoring and continually improving throughout the process.”

For EWN, technology is the fulcrum on which its axle of innovation turns. Driven by passion, EWN is committed to bolstering its already-robust learning and compliance management solutions portfolio. “Keeping technology at the forefront of our endeavors, we aim to open up our LCMS platform to the rest of the energy sector and beyond. After all, our vision is to make the world a safer place to work,” concludes the CEO.