ICS Learning Group Inc.: Unlocking Employee Potential through Blended Learning

Ed Gipple, CEO, ICS Learning Group Inc.Ed Gipple, CEO
Different people have different learning styles and different topics require different instructional approaches. “A learning management system should be such that it can embrace all the varied learning modalities to unleash the full potential of an employee,” says Ed Gipple, CEO of ICS Learning Group Inc. Despite this, most LMSs are focused on single learning modes, such as eLearning, where a user registers for a particular eLearning course, takes the course, gets a score and is done with it. As a true innovator in the learning management landscape, ICS Learning Group offers a different approach to learning. Through its state of the art LMS—Asentia—the company broadens the learning ecosystem by including numerous learning methodologies like social, informal, eLearning, classroom, mentoring, live and recorded events.

Asentia carries out an exhaustive onboarding process with clients that begin with an in-depth understanding and analysis of their requirements to tailor the setting up of Asentia in the best possible way. A typical course in Asentia can be a combination of various learning modules such as live instructor-led classroom training, an offline activity, mentoring relationships and training sessions that can all be tracked. Asentia also equips instructors with various tools like scheduling and calendar. The solution integrates with their HR systems and automates tasks based on intelligent rulesets. For instance, if a new employee is added in the payroll system, the profile information will be automatically updated in the LMS. Based on the employee profile, Asentia will automatically enroll them in specific courses, join them to certain communities and ascertain their permissions, and access to files and administrator/manager functionality. Using Asentia, clients can create a complete learning program from start to end incorporating various learning modules.

Asentia also offers customizable dashboards with drag and drop widgets. This allows users to easily configure their dashboard to match their needs.

We offer a superior user experience with a configurable dashboard and a fully responsive design that allows seamless use across all devices and browsers

Widgets can include a wide range of functionality from common user tasks, such as access to courses, certificates, and transcripts, to manager and administrator functions related to reporting and instructor/mentoring capabilities. “We offer a superior user experience with a configurable dashboard and a fully responsive design that allows seamless use across all devices and browsers,” says Gipple.

Alongside varied learning modalities, ICS Learning Group’s deep expertise and history in developing learning content and courses also proves to be helpful for clients who need assistance on that front. Unlike other LMS providers, Asentia excels in both LMS as well as the content side of the business; the company has an entire unit that can help in creating content. On the other hand, Asentia also empowers clients who wish to create their own content with either the build in authoring tools, or popular 3rd party authoring tools.

Serving various industry verticals, Asentia has excelled in the field of corporate training. A compelling use case is that of an automotive manufacturer that aimed to attain ISO 9000 certification. The certification has myriad of requirements around quality control, training, and documentation. The manufacturer selected Asentia to handle all of their training requirements across a large team of employees who go through a rigorous training program incorporating a complex series of ‘skill blocks’ involving mentoring and evaluation. “We built on the native capabilities of the system and set elaborate training paths for various employees and all of that is automated and managed within Asentia,” says Gipple.

With expansion plans to Europe and Canada, Asentia is set to introduce new feature sets to its LMS to launch an upcoming publisher as well as associations edition. “We are building on our core platform and adding new enhancements to cater to different audiences,” concludes Gipple.