Illumeo: The LMS for CPE

John Kogan, CEO/CFO, Founder, IllumeoJohn Kogan, CEO/CFO, Founder
Based on decades of experience working in corporate finance and as a CFO at both startups and some of the biggest global companies, John Kogan directly experienced that traditional corporate learning management systems (LMS) miss the mark when it comes to addressing the learning needs of the professionals working in finance, accounting, and throughout the ‘Office of the CFO’.

The typical LMS provides employees with generic content, such as basic MS Excel skills, that in no way helps the already highly-skilled employees in complex areas such as corporate finance, accounting, tax, or internal audit, better understand their jobs. Nor do they offer the continuing professional education credits (CPE) that these folks need to maintain their professional certifications (such as CPAs, CMAs, etc.). This leads to massive “live training” costs, time wasted looking for solutions outside of what is offered at the company, and ineffective, low ROI professional development. These shortcomings inspired Mr. Kogan to establish Illumeo.

As a global, cloud-based training solutions company with a modern platform and over 1,000 on-demand courses, Illumeo helps skilled corporate professionals improve their knowledge, remain competitive, and get their required CPE.

Through Illumeo’s tactical learning capabilities, professionals gain knowledge and learn new skills instantly through Google search-like content discovery and delivery. Strategic learning, through more advanced ‘full cycle professional development’, begins with a 10-minute knowledge assessment that measures results against hundreds of benchmark jobs to identify knowledge gaps. With visibility into their knowledge gaps, the employee and their manager, along with HR/L&D support, can collaboratively figure out which areas to focus development on, and build a customized training program, including job duties, that saves time for the employee and money for the company.

Illumeo offers world-class content, all created by senior professionals with decades of experience working in the Office of the CFO

Simply stated, users efficiently assess and learn, then reinforce their learning with work activity, and then reassess their knowledge to continue the learning journey.

The platform offers a massive library of highly specialized content with over 1,000 on-demand courses and webinars. Illumeo provides simple dashboards and advanced reporting that allow users, managers and HR/L&D to track learning plans and get a direct view of each employee’s learning process as well as visibility into the entire organization’s learning progress.

“The Illumeo platform gets very high marks from corporate clients for ease of use and effectiveness. All courses are created by senior professionals with experience as CFOs, Controllers, Chief Audit executives, and others who have decades of experience working in the Office of the CFO,” says John Kogan, CEO & Founder of Illumeo. “Be it technical accounting, ROI analysis, closing the books faster, creating pivot tables, performing stock price analysis, or being the right leader to manage the team, all courses are carefully developed to help professionals learn faster and earn their CPE.”

With the likes of Oracle, Carnival, Verizon, Intuit and Cisco as clients, Illumeo’s solutions work at companies of any size, alongside client’s existing LMS or standalone, and facilitate on-demand e-learning for their highly qualified corporate professionals. As the solution integrates with clients’ existing LMS, it makes for fast and easy implementation.

Illumeo is growing rapidly, bringing their ‘LMS for CPE’ to new markets across the globe while expanding their feature set. “Our mission is to help professionals remain focused on the learning continuum and gain mastery in their line of work, all while earning CPE and maintaining the professional certifications both they and their companies desire,” says Kogan.