Magnyspire: Enhanced Learning through User Engagement

The educational realm is under constant evolution with numerous options and methods of learning thus breaking down the confines of concrete classroom walls and the conventional practices that came along with it. On an account of the flexibility that e-learning provides to the learners, there has been a rise in the adoption of its concept over the past few years. The learning management system, an idea that stemmed directly from e-learning is pushing boundaries by transforming the traditional practices in the education domain. Driven by the motive to cater to the requirements of the educational precinct, the U.S. based Magnyspire built a custom-designed learning management system model for the private and public education sector. These e-learning platforms can be used for highly secure environments as well as open classrooms for participants from around the world.

When it comes to educating the employees of an organization, up-skilling and keeping them up-to-date with the changing trends of the industry, care should be taken in providing them with the right training. Oftentimes it is not easy to make sure that employees are provided proper training and orientation without bringing in the concerned experts or adequate supervision. Magnyspire’s learning management system relieves the daunting task of managing enterprise training programs and e-learning courses and saves time and money by eliminating the need of visiting classrooms to impart the necessary lessons or for training.

The in-house specialists help with the requirements of the learner such as online learning solutions, blended learning programs, m-learning, adaptive recommendation engine, simulations, and courseware development.

Due to its user-friendly interface that is tailored to the needs of the individual learner, Magnyspire’s LMS is equipped to make learning an engaging and fulfilling experience that ensures improved retention and learning outcomes. One of the key takeaways of the LMS software is that it enables diverse training programs to be easily accessed and managed on a quicker note. The fully customizable dashboard and easy to use report wizard support over 40 languages with sophisticated tracking and reporting and the LMS offer mobile solutions that work for both online and offline learning. Learners, administrators, managers, instructors, and IT directors all greatly benefit from the software due to the customized features that cater to the requirements of the end user.

Magnyspire’s flexible and easy to use e-learning platform has led to the company establishing relationships with many of the leading e-curriculum publishers throughout the U.S and a handful overseas. As companies are adopting the LMS platform to increase the efficiency of their training programs, the Magnyspire team is looking to add more features and update its already innovative software to keep pace with the constantly evolving industry.

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San Antonio, TX

Danny Holland, CEO

Designs eLearning platforms for highly secure environments as well as open classrooms for participants from around the world