Mediasphere: Re-imaging Workplace Training with Human Capital Business Intelligence

Tony Carrucan, Founder, MediasphereTony Carrucan, Founder
The workforce is changing. Employees are more digital, connected, diverse, automation-savvy and social media-proficient. Coupled with the change in employees, businesses are under pressure to innovate to meet the demands and expectations of customers. We understand that we can help bridge this change with response to online training and re-education.

While some view the push to an agile and responsive marketplace as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to re-imagine HR, talent, and organisational practices. An opportunity to create platforms, processes, and tools that will continue to evolve and sustain their value over time. An opportunity to take the lead in supporting the most significant changes to the workforce that we have seen. (Deloitte University Press 2017)

The real opportunity is to create a single application that can record data and analytics across the entire employee lifecycle. Today’s workforce needs an intuitive system to support this lifecycle which encompasses: selecting the right candidate; matching them with the right role; getting them workplace ready with on-boarding and induction; driving compliance and risk management; upskilling talent; managing performance; succession planning; and certifying employees to meet evolving industry standards.

Typically, we find that software providers create point solutions, without integration, that deliver on only one or two of these functional requirements. While this allows a best of breed selection, the collection of data across the lifecycle is missing. Without this data, decision makers can struggle to best leverage their human potential.

At Mediasphere, however, we have created the solution. We have re-envisaged the employee lifecycle with the launch of the PowerHouse Human Capital Intelligence System. Tony Carrucan, Mediasphere’s founder and creator of PowerHouse Hub, explains that, “Not only does our software provide automated and intuitive processes to generate and record this data on a staff member, but we apply real-time intelligence to unlock the value in the data.”

We have re-envisaged the employee lifecycle with the launch of the PowerHouse Human Capital Intelligence System

With this data, managers can assess their employees’ capability and talent, identify and manage real-time risk, track aptitude and cognitive capacity, and correlate this to job alignment.

Furthermore, Mr. Carrucan is adamant that, “The concept of asking employees to log on to a system to complete page-turning courses with question banks does not come close to satisfying the needs of the digital workplace.” He clarifies that, “Employees need to be presented with job scenarios where they make a decision on an issue and that decision has consequences in determining what content is presented next. All decisions are mapped against risk and capability to identify talent and provide job performance tracking.” What’s more, the real innovation lies in the ability to overlay the employee data collected with predicative algorithms, AI BOTS, multiple filters and correlating the data with other external data sources.

The digital workplace is often defined by the technologies that people use to perform in their role. With intuitive software and advanced testing capabilities, managers can truly understand the human capital that exists in their organisation by unlocking all the pieces of an employee to observe their full potential. With this data, managers can help the employee grow in their current role, or map dynamic succession planning.

Workplaces can become non-productive with business information, documents and data siloed in standalone applications. The new digital workplace needs to be agile, intuitive, personal and responsive with data from all sectors made accessible. PowerHouse Hub is the enabling software that delivers a multi-tenanted portal that builds around the needs and wants of each employee and streamlines processes, and data, in one central location.

The evolution of the workplace and the rise of re-imagining the employee lifecycle isn’t on the horizon–it’s happening now. With an intuitive platform, like PowerHouse Hub, it’s an exciting time for organisations to harness the power of their human capital.