Plaid: Unveiling the True Potential of Online Learning

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Doug Opicka, Partner, Vice President & CFO, PlaidDoug Opicka, Partner, Vice President & CFO
To say learning management systems (LMS) are disrupting the education sector is an understatement. With flexible time scheduling, self-paced learning, and round-the-clock course accessibility from anywhere, the LMS is changing the very nature of education with its endless possibilities. Yet, most of the well-known educational entities that excel in the art of teaching in person are oftentimes not able to successfully establish an online presence. This could stem from a lack of expertise and knowledge of what an online learning space could possibly be. To unveil and unleash the true potential of online learning a Georgia-based consulting company, Plaid, enters as a thought leader laying the groundwork for organizations with their LMS solution. “We offer an end-to-end integrated education solution, right from storyboarding and scriptwriting to developing appropriate online content and onboarding it into our LMS solution,” states Doug Opicka, partner, vice president, and CFO of Plaid.

Hosted on AWS, Plaid’s cloud-based LMS solution is distinctly designed for multi-level organizations with reporting and administration access provided at different levels. Implementing the Plaid solution takes place within 24 hours. In the case of a multi-layered organization with a complicated structure, onboarding might extend a couple of days more to set up all the different types of access and multiple levels of reporting. As soon as course content is set, Plaid’s team uploads it and structures clients’ online curriculum. User enrollment is very simple; users just click on the learning center in the company’s website and create an account with the unique user access code to access individual courses.

Given the myriad of benefits, Plaid’s solution is highly cost-effective and there are no upfront or recurring administrative charges nor are clients saddled with a long-term contract.

We offer an end-to-end integrated education solution, right from storyboarding and scriptwriting to developing appropriate online content and onboarding it into our LMS solution

Payment solely depends on the number of courses in which the user enrolls, and clients can pay the bill on a monthly basis. “We offer a flexible, economically efficient solution where we do not hold the client’s data as hostage. The client pays only for the value offered,” states Opicka. To date, almost 65,000 courses have been completed by learners through Plaid’s LMS system.

Plaid’s prowess came to the fore when they helped a college fraternity address the challenges associated with maintaining an integrated education system for local chapters located at 130 different universities. “With Plaid, the client not only achieved consistent education but also an effective reporting system, which enabled the administrators to quickly run reports on students and check the course attendance and reach out to those students who needed the most attention,” states Opicka.

Plaid’s expertise also encompasses services such as legal consulting, strategic planning, leadership development that includes ACE and LEAP programs, team building, and more. “We offer online courses and personal training melding everything together. For Plaid, curriculum integration is the key component,” states Opicka.

To highlight Plaid’s value proposition further, Opicka elaborates on the Tightrope program launched in October 2018, which includes a wide variety of courses such as facts about alcohol and drugs, hazing awareness, sexual assault and misconduct, and mental health. Even though this program is still in the Beta phase, Plaid is receiving a lot of traction for this offering. In the wake of the ‘Me Too Movement’ gathering momentum, the company plans to lend a hand to corporate organizations with its off-the-shelf sexual harassment course. “We are on the threshold of a new beginning, transitioning from a purely consulting services organization offering an LMS solution to adding a series of off-the-shelf products that cater to the changing needs of industry,” concludes Opicka.