Schoology: Dynamic Learning Management Systems for Interactive Education

Every organization requires constant change and innovation for improvement. Educational changes are often perceived as challenging, that is, it is not the nature of the change itself but the nature of the knowledge, skills and attitudes of those involved and the way that these are ex¬pressed in action. Educational reforms involve many aspects like human resources, teaching method, finance and lost potential. In the midst of such contraptions, New York based Schoology has emerged as a provider of learning management solutions and classroom management. “Schoology is not a typical learning management system (LMS). We have redefined the LMS to make online education a collective effort and to increase the overall impact of everyone involved in a student's education,” says Jeremy Friedman, Co-Founder and CEO, Schoology. The firm’s user friendly interface and collaborative interface as well as the robust mobile apps empower engaging instructions and system wide collaboration on several devices.

Everything students, faculty, and parents need is in one easy-to-use platform. Teach, learn, communicate, share, and collaborate anytime and on any device

Schoology’s K-12 LMS is a powerful solution by that transforms a school or district into a digital ecosystem. “Everything students, faculty, and parents need is in one easy-to-use platform. Teach, learn, communicate, share, and collaborate anytime and on any device,” says Friedman. K-12 has also come up with a mobile app where instructors can quickly view, annotate, and grade all their class’s submissions in one swoop at all times. The app consolidates a students' work with a grader in order to manage revisions, swipe between submissions and additional remarks for the time of submission. “Our mobile annotations and submission comments are perfect for providing students with written and video feedback via your tablet or smartphone,” says Friedman.

For the students’ responsible futures a steady network with the rest of the world becomes mandatory.

Jeremy Friedman, CEO
Schoology’s LMS gives a Higher Ed solution, where students and faculties are better connected to the world with major LMS connection to the school specific course itself. “Schoology is the LMS that enables them to connect, communicate, and share easily with their peers across campus and around the world,” says Friedman. The solution gives students and faculty a centralized place to continue important discussions after class get help in case of doubts and explore campus groups and clubs. The Higher Ed tool enables a centralized communicating system of the entire staff and students so that there is a common messenger service in case of emergencies or unannounced happenings. “Our solution empower faculty to collaborate with other experts anywhere in the world via a learning community that’s woven into the very fabric of your LMS, instead of just tacked onto it,” affirms Friedman.

Schoology’s agility lies in its user friendly interface that attracts the students and faculty. In one instance a Cherry Creek School district in Colorado purchased Schoology for every school in district. The locality cited many reasons selecting Schoology as its LMS including its integration with PowerSchool, the fastest-growing, most widely used student information system (SIS). “Schoology met a number of our needs for improved communication and collaboration, but the management features and tie in to PowerSchool were very important for our district,” said Kellie Ady, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Cherry Creek School District. With this ease-of –use approach Schoology plans to innovate and constantly come up with new and better approach.