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Top 10 LMS Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Learning is a key driver of change and of growth at any organization, which helps people to stay updated. When it comes to training and education, online platforms like Learning Management System (LMS) are increasingly becoming the norm. The growth of LMS market is mostly driven by factors such as increasing adoption & proliferation of the e-learning industry, extensive government initiatives towards the growth of LMS, and growing inclination towards bringing your own device (BYOD) policy.

With millennials quickly becoming the predominant generational demographic at the workplace, organizations need to prepare for a workforce that is not only tech-savvy but also tech-dependent. Chatbots are becoming a popular technology trend for corporate training as it ensures continuous training delivery; thereby boosting workforce engagement, business productivity, and brand value. Learning has evolved today and steppedinto how experiences can not only make learning more engaging but also drive actionable knowledge that directly ties to the learner/worker and business performance.

Along with that, the increasing use of corporate learning management systems, the scope for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Simulations, and others are also rising. The use of Artificial Intelligence is also increasingly becoming prominent in the online learning world, so that learning provision can be tailored to outcomes specific to the individual.

In this edition, we are glad to feature various LMS Solution and Service Providers that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the education sector through their innovative technological capabilities and groundbreaking solutions. We hope this issue of the Education Technology Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you, Education Technology Insights’ “Top 10 LMS Solution and Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top LMS Consulting/Services Companies

  • Blackboard is the largest education technology and services company in the world, serving nearly 100 million users in countries in every region around the globe. Blackboard’s portfolio of products and services spans Teaching & Learning, Community Engagement, and Services, thus ensuring the best learner experience. Having understood that the way people learn is dynamic and that the education landscape is continuously evolving, the company’s mission is to partner with the global education community to enable student and institutional success, by leveraging innovative technologies and services. With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the exceptional capacity for innovation, Blackboard is education’s partner in change

  • DevDigital is one of Tennessee’s few Google Cloud Partners and a leading national software development firm. They are a transformative provider that specializes in Custom Development, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Apps, Learning Management Systems, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Award-Winning Website Design and Web Hosting. Utilizing the best effort, DevDigital provides the most intelligent digital approaches in their consulting services for the success of the clients. The company design and align IT strategy with the client’s business strategy, bringing their ideas to life. DevDigital has been on the cutting edge of providing software and web development solutions for over ten years

  • Established in 1994, ENERGY worldnet, Inc. makes use of the latest technology and an unwavering innovative spirit and combine them with excellent client relationships in order to design and build effective products that make sense and emphasize on the client’s requirements, their goals, and their vision for the upcoming future. The company has made fanatical customer service its reputation and guiding principle for more than two decades. EWN leads the company in Operator Qualification (OQ), Compliance Management & Workforce Development, as well as lead the way in customer service. The headquarters of the company are in Decatur, TX

  • The company offers an end-to-end integrated education solution and various organizational development programs for education entities. The company recently completed the Beta testing of its online risk management program—Tightrope. The program provides education for college students about alcohol, drug use, hazing, and sexual misconduct. In 2019, Plaid rolled out its Chapter Advisor Training program that is designed for individuals of all ages who advise on interfraternal chapters. The program offers the education and training that chapter advisors/mentors need to be successful, confident, and prepared for advising the college students

  • Client Engagement Academy

    Client Engagement Academy

    Client Management Academy provides a robust and proven strategy designed for generating maximum profit in minimal time, simultaneously creating incredible results for the company’s clients. The enterprise builds courses for companies for maximum engagement and minimal Learner Friction. Besides, it hosts courses for long-lasting optimization and reporting. The enterprise transforms companies by providing them with a crystal clear and proven strategy in order to create viral, engaging, and profitable courses, which generates amazing outcomes for their customers. The company uses different online tools for getting their client's results, including Wordpress, Infusionsoft, WPFusion, and Memberium, plus its Pep System And 11 Success Activators

  • Encoretech


    Encoretech, Inc. is a Learning & Development enterprise, which offers technology training and migration solutions to the corporate and legal community. The company addresses the operational business and technology training and application education challenges faced by large and medium law firms and other professional services enterprises. The company’s executive team works with the top law firms and training departments and helps them in delivering engaging learning experiences. Its services include complete outsourced training/training as a service (TaaS), Microsoft Office 2013 migration training, development of onboarding curricula and new hire training content, distance learning, technology training audits, and custom Learning Management System content development



    KEYPOPPY is a provider of technology consulting, digital humanities, and software development with a pedagogy-first approach. Their mission is to help communities retrieve from their heritage, and from the broader culture in which they get along, those technical resources which can bring their purpose to bear daily living. The company's internal competency is in the area of strategic planning, digital humanities, 3D development, web application development, web support, and online learning. The company's experts work at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and any discipline in the humanities. In consultation with key stakeholders, they develop new ways of doing scholarship that involve collaborative, transdisciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publishing

  • Knowledge Accelerators

    Knowledge Accelerators

    Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL Knowledge Accelerators revolutionize global software training through their media production company. The company's Continuous Learning Management System (CLMS) provides microlearning modules called Skill Tracks. They offer a comprehensive set of learning paths from novice to expert, for IT desktop and mobile applications. Their Continuous Learning Campaign (CLC) syncs their skill-building, coaching, video reference library, and daily tips to invoke a 'demand pull' by end-users, to enhance employee output. Additionally, the company provide a ServiceNow plug-in that includes all of our Knowledge Library content for clients who use ServiceNow but require software education

  • Solutto Consulting

    Solutto Consulting

    Solutto Consulting, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is an innovative, passionate and dynamic company that offers technological solutions applicable to any organization. The company provides the clients with the best service in software development, mobile apps, cloud migration and much more. It offers high-quality services as the excellence and satisfaction of the clients are their primary goal. Their platform and applications are tailored to the needs of the clients, and their E-commerce solution is perfect for online sellers. Their dedicated team delivers all the requirements in any project using well-defined methodologies that will guarantee and add value to the many different business models for each of the clients

  • Synegen


    Headquartered in Itasca, IL and founded in 2001, Synegen a professional service consulting firm based on the principle that distinction is the greatest form of existence and passion is the most excellent form of expression. The company focuses on delivering quality products, technical resources, and strategic guidance for organizations seeking business advantage through the strategic application of technology. The company's core service offerings includes custom enterprise application design, development, and implementation. Implementation, integration, and customizations of and Totara Learn platforms. The delivery of cloud-hosted solutions leveraging Amazon Web Services