Everspring: Revolutionizing Online Education with a Next-Gen Solution

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Dr. Karen Baldeschwieler, CLO, EverspringDr. Karen Baldeschwieler, CLO
To say that universities today need to adopt a digital strategy is an understatement. In pursuit of that, not only is the promulgation of an effective online education platform necessary, it also requires interesting content similar to that of a social networking application to generate interest among students. Likewise, to expand their digital footprint, universities also have to augment their marketing strategies as a lack of in-house talent and resources often times result in inadequate marketing initiatives. Governed by the vision to help universities adapt to digitalization, Everspring has engineered an online education platform that enables improved student engagement, academic customization, and marketing to achieve enhanced student outcomes. “The ultimate aim of our solution is to create enduring digital education experiences for students and faculty,” says Dr. Karen Baldeschwieler, Chief Learning Officer of Everspring.

Designed with a high-quality artistic ‘look and feel,’ Everspring’s platform empowers faculty to move beyond the classroom to a virtual environment and increase student engagement. Faculty can either collaborate with an instructional designer or take advantage of a sophisticated digital toolkit that enables them to design attractive course pages and add educational games that achieve their outcomes. “Our LMS tools enable faculty to do much more than just add text or video,” says Karen. The solution also provides component-based templates for university instructional designers to enhance custom page creation and improve student experiences.

As a case in point, Karen brings to attention a client interaction, where a major public research university engaged with Everspring to launch nine programs in three years. Their main requirement was consistency across all the courses in the academic program as well as individual freedom for faculty members to tailor the content of their courses.

The ultimate aim of our solution is to create enduring digital education experiences for students and faculty

Everspring worked with the department chair to form a strategy to bring consistency in methodology, navigation, and page nomenclature to the course design. Individual faculty were given the freedom to edit and control the content as per their requirement. In essence, Everspring was able to bring an overall consistency by empowering departments and instructors with design autonomy to achieve their goals.

Everspring’s student platform, on the other hand, is an amalgamation of protocols and has a scalable automated system to manage thousands of students within the university. The platform brings visibility to student behavioral data. At its core, the experience of Everspring’s management team in operating scalable programs on their platform and the ready adoption of new technologies makes them one of the best advisers in the online education field.

With an aim to strengthen the universities’ outreach to the millennials that are always present on online platforms and social networking sites, Everspring extends their team of marketing experts to universities. Everspring’s technology stack includes tools to build and optimize secure, mobile-friendly websites that enable colleges to differentiate their programs across traditional and social media, making course features and university amenities more appealing to students.

For the year ahead, the company is planning to roll out a new dashboard, which will enable the universities to see and configure students’ data. This will give administrators visibility into student behavior across courses and programs and help them identify and intervene with at-risk students.

All things considered, Karen shares the outcome of a valuable survey, “Independent research by one of our university partners found that their online students had a higher level of engagement than their on-campus students and that both felt equally affiliated with the university. We take pride in helping our partners drive superior outcomes.”