Jenzabar: Cloud Solutions for Effective Administration of Higher Education Institutions

Cloud computing continues to be one of the fastest-evolving areas of technology. Moving to an institution-wide cloud model is a pivotal investment for a higher education institution. New traditional students’ requirements and preferences are constantly changing, creating a greater demand for online programs and unprecedented mobility. “Developing and implementing an explicit, holistic cloud adoption strategy will increase capacity without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software,” begins Robert Maginn, CEO, Jenzabar. “Most importantly, cloud computing escalates an institution’s ability to deliver student success,” he adds. Understanding the need, Boston, MA based Jenzabar provides cloud based integrated solutions for the academic and administrative offices across the schools and colleges and throughout the student lifecycle. “Our technology solutions empower colleges and universities of all shapes and sizes to meet the essential needs of students as well as academic departments— serving the entire constituent community,” delineates Maginn.

Today’s students represent greater diversity than ever before in their range of needs, goals, and geographical location—and they need a vibrant educational experience for them. Jenzabar’s eLearning software provides Learning management Solutions (LMS) solutions integrates completely with the institute’s administrative system, and provides seamless data exchange— and up-to-the-minute information. Further, the integrated functionality of eLearning software provides web-based course evaluation software. “This allows institutions to approach reporting on key aspects of accreditation such as standards submission, strategic planning, and program assessment from the point of view of accreditation agency needs,” illustrates Maginn.

Developing and implementing an explicit, holistic cloud adoption strategy will increase capacity without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software

The company offers suites of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, which can be used directly or customized to extend the functionality of the institution. “Our ERPs leverage robust functionality and simple controls so that school operations can be streamlined and optimized from the back end to the front operations,” illustrates Maginn. Jenzabar EX, a comprehensive, fully-scalable administrative platform designed specifically for use in
Robert A. Maginn, Jr. Chairman & CEO, jenzabarRobert A. Maginn, Jr. Chairman & CEO
Higher Education. This platform allows the members of an institution’s ecosystem to be connected with a centralized database that can be implemented out-of-the-box and rapidly deployed. “Jenzabar EX provides interoperable workflows that adapt as institution policies change and technology evolves,” explains Maginn.

Built from the ground up with the latest technology, Jenzabar JX, a cloud application, is created with a modern modular design with embedded analytics, an enterprise CRM, mobile-first strategy, and a student-centric approach. Jenzabar JX helps the institutions to tackle modern trends and shifts head on – competency based education, multiple periods of enrollment, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), global expansion, on-the-go students and staff.

As a trusted partner on more than 1,000 campuses worldwide, Jenzabar has supported the higher education community since their inception. Jenzabar helped a private liberal arts catholic university located in Quincy, Illinois by providing improved student-facing tools, better data analytics, and streamlined administrative processes. The university wanted to provide simple and easy-to-use tools for students to make tasks as easy as shopping online, for instance class registration. By implementing Jenzabar EX, the university was able to review and revise administrative processes, which helped the staff to be more effective and improved the student experience. The software also helped the university to quickly and easily access data for analysis, helping staff make more informed, data-driven decisions in a more timely fashion.

Jenzabar Learning and Development offers a variety of training options that meets specific needs of their customers. Their training schedule is specifically designed for demonstrating consistently high levels of client involvement for effective usage of Jenzabar products and satisfaction. “Our training is available in a variety of formats, from on-site training classes to self-paced courses that can be taken anytime and anywhere,” concludes Maginn on an optimistic note.