Kornukopia: A Simplified and Powerful Learning Management System

John Shine, Founder & CEO, kornukopiaJohn Shine, Founder & CEO
Even with the latest technological advancements, many schools and parents desire an easier way to discuss, share files, and manage events and notices at the click of a button. John Shine, founder and CEO of Kornukopia, a new Learning Management System (LMS), realized early on that schools are often late adopters of new technology. Institutions that try to implement the latest solutions are often met with administrative leaders who have had a ‘wait and see’ approach regarding the use of Learning Management Systems in schools. While LMS’s are beginning to advance technologically, they are clouded with challenges like lack of integration and inflexible reporting capabilities. Parents, teachers and students frequently have found these systems difficult to navigate.

We aim for schools to become less dependent on expensive, outdated learning management systems and textbooks

Now, budgets and resources are being redirected to the use of technology in schools—as evidenced by the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) ‘Future Ready Pledge’. Kornukopia is one company that is leading the charge by offering a FREE LMS platform to help schools create a simple, virtual learning environment where teachers and administrators can easily manage grades, events, calendars, attendance and discipline, and parents and students can readily access it. “We created Kornukopia for parents struggling to maintain a fruitful association with their child’s school,” says John Shine, founder of Kornukopia. Coming from a big Irish family of principals and educators,
Shine strives for excellence in academics for the masses. Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Kornukopia provides school communities with simple and easy‐to‐use tools to manage grades, calendars, attendance and more—all online. The LMS provided by Kornukopia allows schools to easily integrate the solution with their existing system, without requiring expensive equipment or additional IT staff. “Implementation takes minutes; the seamless integration with Common Core Standards allows teachers to easily track milestones and goals,” says Shine.

New school and government initiatives like Common Core require schools to monitor and manage teachers more closely. “We aim for schools to become less dependent on expensive, outdated learning management systems and textbooks,” says Shine. Kornukopia’s LMS platform is secure and scalable and delivers a worldwide footprint with built‐in redundancy. Sophisticated communication infrastructures allow schools to manage open discussions on pupils and help students and teachers stay on the same page. The firm offers a centralized system for information, grades, and new assignments as well as content which is instantly available to students, teachers, and parents. Being device‐agnostic, the LMS platform can be viewed and utilized on desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, or any device supporting HTML5.

Kornukopia is a student-centric LMS designed for superintendents, principals and technology administrators. The company has gained a foothold in today’s billion-dollar LMS arena, and serves as an education content marketplace and a market consolidator. “Many are surprised to learn that only four percent of potential K‐12 users, students, teachers, administrators and parents actually use an LMS,” says Shine. To this end, Kornukopia maintains a database that holds student information like addresses, ages, parent information, grades, immunizations, and allergies as a single entity—driving the adoption of LMS.

Today, Kornukopia has reached a point where it is investing heavily in education technology and is working with a large number of schools. This growth implies a shift in how schools are incorporating trending technologies into their operations. “We’re very proud that with the advent of international languages capabilities in our service, we are becoming a phenomenon in education content management delivery,” concludes Shine.