Wormhole Live Learning: Revolutionizing E-Learning Interactions

Bruno Interlandi, CMO, Wormhole Live LearningBruno Interlandi, CMO
Driving instructors from all over Latin America participated in that particular session, as a road safety specialist delivered the updated certification keynote through an interactive Live Learning platform. The session was aimedat strengthening and widening high-quality road practices through a virtual classroom. Behind the scenes, it was a company called Wormhole that successfully orchestrated the documentation exchanges through its LMS solution. Bruno Interlandi, the CMO of Wormhole says, “Live learning is a concept of distance training that puts forward real interaction through audio and video among participants and generates an immediate bidirectional communication.”Apart from saving time and money in traveling, Wormhole’s solution also focuses on boosting the quality of the interaction among instructors and learners, and the company has a reserved spot in the Latin American market. “By leveraging the concept of live learning, Wormhole allows organizations to create their own virtual learning environment at a low cost and offers distance courses with the same quality of in-site classes,” says Interlandi.

Being one of the first live learning platform providers in the market, Wormhole is focused on creating high levels of interaction, which can emulate traditional in-site classroom setting seamlessly. Through their live learning platform, the firm assists thousands of companies—large and multinational enterprises to SMBs—in developing online training programs. In contrast with traditional e-learning solutions, the Wormhole’s live learning platform harnesses the best of social networking, real-time, and mobile technologies to create a learning experience that not only focuses on the content, but also on people and their interactions.“Alongside, building an interactive virtual classroom environment, Wormhole further solves the quandary of bandwidth availability and ease-of-use,which are of prime importance in Latin America.

We solve the predicaments of easeof- use, low bandwidth, and high engagement by delivering the concept of live learning and the expertise along with the platform

Their solution requires a very low bandwidth—only 30 percent of a 3G connection—and includes advanced features such as gamification, online class, and dashboards,” adds Interlandi.

In addition to theire-learning platform, Wormhole also provides a team of experts that can help its clients’ CEOs reach their business goals of building simplified learning practices. The firm proactively provides analysis,subsequent solutions for its clients’ training program,as well as tools to deliver specific KPIs and measure progress. To enhance its clients’ e-learning experience, Wormhole delivers integrated services along with its platform. The firm enlarged and consolidated its collaboration with its clients in 2017 through the increased number of integrated services, which include prebuilt courses and training materials. Interlandi states, “Our philosophy of business is to empower companies to implement a successful online training program and achieve the results that it was created for.”

Wormhole is currently focused on expanding its presence in all the Latin American nations that they are targeting through commercial agreements with strategic partners. As Wormhole strengthens its position, it is also working towards updating its platform according to the clients’ varying needs and demands.

Being primarily focused on Latin American markets, Wormhole’s platform has been well received globally as they have revolutionized the industry by introducing an innovative concept of learning. “We solve the predicaments of ease-of-use, low bandwidth, and high engagement by delivering the concept of live learning and the expertise along with the platform. These are the challenges that companies face all over the world, and thus, we have created a product that is truly acceptable, globally,” concludes Interlandi.