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Top 10 Learning Management System Solution Companies - 2018

Taking learning out of the arena of classrooms, learning management systems (LMS) has emerged as a potential delivery tool for education and training, with its interactive features making it a more fun and engaging process. Some of the common features such as social media-like characteristics, announcement options, and searching capabilities make LMS more accessible. Creating classes, adding multimedia content including screen-casts with video tutorials further simplifies the learning process using LMS, making it a popular feature. Gamified elements (badges, points, and leaderboards) which foster a competitive spirit, are also sought-after features in LMSs. The current generation of learners seeks, through LMS, a user-friendly platform that meets their requirements.

Upcoming LMS trends include the facility to integrate with mobile systems and offline studying facilities, making it usable while on the move. Connecting students via audio and video channels in e-conferences, which allows connections to people beyond the classroom, are also becoming part of the next wave. Selling courses and integration with payment processors, integrating with third-party systems to exchange data, which further diminish physical barriers, are some of the trends expected to grow in 2018.

With several LMS solutions flooding the market, it becomes important to identify the pros and cons of each to figure out which LMS will best fulfills one’s requirements. Keeping this in mind, a panel comprising of distinguished CEOs, CIOs and analysts comprising Education Technology Insight's editorial board has charted out the top 10 companies providing effective solutions for Learning Management Systems. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that make e-learning smoother, easier and more accessible.

We present to you Education Technology Insight's “Top 10 LMS Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top Learning Management System Solution Companies

  • A global LMS solution provider that creates a unique learning experience through its adaptive technology model with a focus on achieving outcomes for learners

  • The company provides custom LMS implementation in tune with the need of their client

  • An LMS designed to blend eLearning technology with conventional training methods within a rich learning ecosystem that fosters collaboration and communication

  • Serves corporations and corporate professionals across finance, accounting, and beyond with professional development and CPE

  • A company focused on transforming the national education in three main pillars: teaching and learning, administration and management planning, policy making and decision support

  • Creator of custom, performance-based learning management solutions to make the transfer of knowledge more flexible

  • Designs eLearning platforms for highly secure environments as well as open classrooms for participants from around the world

  • Provides an opportunity to re-imagine HR and talent management with a single application that can record data and analytics across the entire employee lifecycle

  • Providing companies, professional associations, and educational institutions the simplest way to offer online training while retaining the best of live education

  • SmarterU


    Offers online learning management system with an integrated course creation suite, interactive SMARTERGAMES(TM) and full quiz & testing functionality